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Phoenix Garage Doors is your one stop shop for all of your garage door repairs. We want to make sure that your garage door is taken care of the same day you call. Not only is Phoenix Garage Doors an industry leader in service by offering same day service, but when possible, we’re so committed to serving you and your garage door that we’re usually there faster than anyone else could be; often with a response time less than an hour! How’s that for garage door service?

How do we know we can get your garage door working like new again? Often times, the service you need has nothing to do with a brand new garage door, and that’s okay! We have expertly trained technicians that can take care of any, and every door service imaginable. Don’t believe us? Try it out-- Call us asking for anything, and we can do it.

  • Garage Door Repairs (All of them.)
  • Garage Door Springs
    • Repairs
    • Replacements
    • Installations
    • Maintenance
    • Conversions
  • Garage Door Installations and Replacements
  • Garage Door Openers
    • Repairs
    • Replacements
    • Installations
    • Maintenance
    • Conversions

Find someone else that offers that sort of menu for garage door repairs and services. Chances are, you won’t!

Call Phoenix Garage Doors now for all of your garage door repairs and services from $29!

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Garage Door Repairs Phoenix, AZ

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Phoenix Garage Doors is a family owned and operated company that has been serving all of Phoenix for the last 22 years. We understand how important your garage door is to the appearance and safety of your house. We are here to provide you with quality, speedy service at a great affordable price. When your garage door is not working right it is important to find a company that can diagnose the problem quickly and then repair it right away.

We have proudly been serving the residents here for that last two decades, and hope to continue for many more decades to come. Why go with a big impersonalized corporation to install or repair your garage door when you can work with some of your very own people? The people who live and work in your same neighborhoods.

If you have an emergency with your residential or commercial garage door, call us right away. We are open 24/7 for all emergency garage door repairs. While we could schedule you for a garage door repair down the road (and will if that’s what you want), our goal is to serve you as quickly as possible!

Call in the experts from Phoenix Garage Doors!

Give us a call today, and we can be out there in no time. What’s more, all of our services start at the low price of just $29! Find another company that offers everything we do, plus such a low starting price!

Call Phoenix Garage Doors now for an estimate! (800) 216 - 9696

We should be your one and only call on your journey to repair / replace your garage door. We have the best technicians in town, use only approved products, and believe in quality all at prices you can afford. We also maintain a stable of highly skilled, experienced, and expertly trained technicians so that you get the absolute best service as often as possible!

We pride ourselves on offering a complete array of garage door services to accommodate everyone; from the regular person wanting to have his residential door replaced, to the Industrial company needing to update their Commercial garage doors. If you live in Phoenix, we can help with any garage door repair services your door might need.

And yes! You read that right! We do commercial and industrial applications as well! No need trying to track down a different garage door company when you can have it all done in one go!

We specialize not only in repairs, but other services as well! Of course, by now, you’re probably well versed in the wide array of services offered by us, but we just like to remind you that we have your garage door covered.

We believe in quality. This is why we only send you technicians that are IDA certified. With this certification and year upon years of experience backing them up, we can guarantee your satisfaction with our garage door services.

Most people don’t give much credit to an IDA certification when choosing a garage door company, but they would be wrong in doing so. The International Door Association exists to ensure a great many things when it comes to choosing a garage door company. Just ask yourself: Would you go to an unlicensed doctor? How about a personal trainer that’s not certified?

That’s what it would be like choosing a garage door repair company that is not IDA certified.

Call us today and learn how a garage door repair should be done. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by to answer your questions!

Because we value quality so much we only work with trusted brands such as: Wayne Dalton, Clopay, Skylink, Chamberlain LiftMaster, Amarr, Genie, Hormann, and Martin. All great manufactures we put our trust in so that you can put your trust in us. Not only do we work exclusively with top of the line companies but all of our products are recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA). All just more ways that we’re committed to leaving a lasting impression on you when you call us for any garage door service.

We are here to help with all your garage door emergencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We are even available to assist on holidays and weekends.

What!? Holidays and weekends!? Are you serious!? And 24 hours a day every day as well!? Of course we’re serious. Our top priority is not our own garage doors, nor is it even our own lives-- No. We are concerned with you and your garage door. We like to think of everyone’s garage door as a separate entity, and a sort of self aware system that needs love, nurturing, and attention like a member of your family would.

We realize it’s kind of weird to think of your garage door that way, but it’s just another way that we show how committed we are to you and the proper operation of your garage door. Rather than allow your garage door to stay broken down for extended periods of times, we would rather see it fixed immediately so it can be put back to work, helping you make the most of your home experience.

If you’re so incredulous about our hours of operation (And by hours of operation, we mean to remind you that Phoenix Garage Doors never closes and is always here for you), there’s something else you could probably get excited about: All of our garage door repairs and services come with a free, no risk, 100% no strings attached satisfaction guarantee. We offer this because we know that when it comes to garage door repairs and services, we’re one of the best in the business, and rather than hide behind our website, or not do our best work possible, we stand by everything we offer by ensuring that you will be satisfied when we leave your home and your garage door repair / service is finished.

Call us today to see how we can fix any of your garage door problems!

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